Our Waitoa story

Our farms

Our farms

Our model has never changed: free range, ethical farming. Our free range farms were established in the lush, green valleys of the Waikato region in 2007 to provide New Zealand with ethically grown nutritious, quality chicken. This region has a reputation as one of the richest pastoral areas in the world, with the Waikato River creating a huge fertile basin, rich in agriculture and farming.

We are proud to be part of this thriving farming community.

Our farmers

Our team of caring and dedicated farmers are committed to raising healthy, free range chickens, working daylight-till-dusk to ensure every aspect of the chickens’ care is provided for.

All Waitoa farms are independently audited by the SPCA to meet the highest animal welfare standards in New Zealand.

Waitoa farmers are passionate about farming and growing good quality New Zealand produce. We’re proud to produce the only free range chicken products in New Zealand featuring the SPCA’s Blue Tick so our customers know they are buying the real deal.

Our free range chickens

Our free range chickens

Certified free range means Waitoa chickens are free to roam and our farms are independently audited by the SPCA providing extra reassurance to customers.

In addition to the care from our farmers, Waitoa farms have state-of-the-art technology to monitor the birds’ needs to make sure they have access to feed and water, that they are kept warm enough and that they are free to roam during the day. At night we keep Waitoa chickens inside to keep them safe.

Care, innovation and a passion for best practice poultry farming has seen Waitoa grow to be one of New Zealand’s most trusted free range chicken brands.

SPCA Blue Tick

The SPCA Blue Tick is the only 100 percent independent animal welfare accreditation in New Zealand and its standards go beyond the Government’s Code of Welfare required standards.

Waitoa free range proudly carries the SPCA Blue Tick. This provides people with extra reassurance that they are choosing genuine free range products that meet the SPCA’s independent standards.


Our values

Our free range philosophy

We are passionate about our ‘free range way of life’ and believe a happy and good life comes from embracing quality food, living an active healthy lifestyle and connecting and sharing with others. We maintain our commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability, in areas such as farming practices, water usage and energy management.

Our commitment

Waitoa’s promise to you and the planet is our commitment to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

We aim to achieve zero waste to landfill by following best-practice and decreasing all non-recyclable and solid wastes. Our Sustainability Working Group has already made significant reductions in the quantity of waste going to landfill.

We also have the only site in New Zealand with the International AWS Water Stewardship Certification, meaning Waitoa is committed to protecting and improving freshwater resources for New Zealanders and our environment.

Waitoa will continue to measure its impact on the planet and develop packaging solutions to meet the highest ethical and food safety standards.